My name is Jacek Dybowski. I am a multi-camera director and vision mixer.

I studied at the Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School at the Silesian University in Katowice. In 1994 I graduated from the Department of Cinematography and Television Production. I hold a Master of Arts degree. I have been involved in the activities of the television industry for more than 30 years. I have worked as a full-time employee of TVP, the Polish national broadcaster, for almost 28 years. Since 2020 till march 2024 I worked as a freelancer. Now I work back with TVP.

In my portfolio you will find no less than 3000 television productions. I specialise in music – both popular and classical – arts programes, live events and entertainment.  I have participated in the production of concerts of most of the leading Polish singers and bands. I have directed their individual concerts as well as their performances at festivals. Among them: Festival of Polish Song Opole, Sopot Festival, Top Trendy Festival. I also took part in production of concerts of artists from all over the world, which took place in Poland, such as Sting, Duran Duran, Bonnie Tyler, Talking Heads, Kate Ryan, Rod Steward, Garou, Bony M, Modern Talking, Melanie C, Craig David, Jamala, Kalush Orchestra.

Among my productions you will also find a variety of musicals and musical spectacles, many of which were recorded during the famous Polish Festival of Actor’s Interpretation of the Song.

Another area of my work in television is that of classical music. I’ve worked in productions of the well-known Vratislavia Cantans Festival with many Polish and foreign orchestras conducted, for example, by Sir Eliot Gardiner, Sir Paul Mc Creesh or Kurt Mazur. I have also taken part in the productions of the Fryderyk Chopin Festival, Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw’s Oatum or Stanisław Moniuszko International Vocal Festival. In 2009 one of productions, in which I took part as a mult-icamera director, the concert Seven Gates of Jerusalem, composed and directed by Krzysztof Penderecki, was nominated for the Emmy TV International Award in New York. The same production won the main prize at the Golden Prague Festival.

One of the peculiarities of Telewizja Polska’s production is television drama (theatre on tv). During my work at TVP I attended many such events. These were live performances as well as prerecorded ones. We produced these performances as directly shot from the stages of the theatres or as transferred ones to the TV studios. Among them are also productions made using the film method, and I took part in several of them as a director of photography. One of the special forms of theatre on television is the audience participation comedy show, in which I have participated several hundred times.

My theatre and musical productions also include opera. One of them, acted on the stage of the Warsaw Chamber Opera, Armida, was awarded the main prize at the Taormina Opera Festival on Sicily.

I have also worked on format productions such as Name That Tune, Wheel of Fortune, The Wall, The Ultimate Entertainer, The Four, Anything Goes. I was also a television director formatting many TVP’s productions. Among others – for almost 15 years of the TVP2 morning show Pytanie na śniadanie, the stage comedy shows Kabaretowy Klub Dwójki or Dzięki Bogu już weekend. For almost 20 years I was multi-camera director of best known Poland’s music talent show Szansa na sukces.


mobile: +48 691 29 40 46

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